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The Well Firm provides mental health and wellness support and solutions to the legal industry. We aim to create a more inclusive wellness culture, one law firm at a time.

Expertise in Mental Health & Well-Being

Whether you're in-house, public interest, mid-size, boutique, or big law, you've thought about the well-being of your people - what work/life balance looks like?

What does well-being look like?

Our goal is simple - transform the legal profession by implementing more sustainable wellness solutions so its people can be more successful inside and outside of the profession. We have worked with numerous AM100 firms, keeping confidentiality, professionalism, and subject matter expertise at the forefront of our client partnerships.

The law profession is one of the most reputable industries and one of the most unhealthy. Articles and startling statistics about retention, suicide rates, depression, substance abuse, and diversity plague every law office, big & small. 


The Well Firm works with key stakeholders to strategize and problem solve for these issues, providing critical education on well-being and support for all populations in the process.

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